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When you add items to your shopping cart, they will remain saved there until you either complete your purchase, move them to your wish list, or remove them from your shopping cart.

Your options:

Shopping cart
Review your order, this ensures the accuracy of items in your shopping cart and the quantity you selected.
If you wish to update the order quantity of any item(s) in your cart, simply type in the new quantity you wish to purchase and click “Update".
Remove an item from your shopping cart
To remove any item(s), click on "Remove", or change the quantity to zero and click "Update".
Continue shopping
To search the site for additional items, click on “Continue Shopping". The shopping cart stores items you have already selected and will remain there until checkout. At any time during your shopping experience, you can return to your shopping cart by clicking on "Shopping Cart".
Move an item to your wish list
If there are items in your shopping cart that you want to save but do not wish to purchase immediately, you can move them to your wish list by clicking on “Add to Wish List”.

Email Notifications Regarding Your Order

After you place your order, you will receive emails about your order status. We ask you to keep these emails accessible for your records. Depending on your order, you might receive the following emails:

Order confirmation
This email confirms that we have received your order. This email includes your order number. It is important that you print or save this email for your records.
Advance sale / backorder
This email informs you that an item from your order is not available for immediate shipment and will ship when it becomes available (normally 1 - 2 weeks). Your credit card will not be charged until we ship your item(s). We will send you an email along with your order number once the item(s) is/are shipped.
Shipment confirmation
This email confirms that your order or part of your order has been shipped; it also includes your consignment number. If your items are shipped separately, you may receive multiple shipment confirmation emails. The arrival time of your order depends on the shipping method you selected at the time of purchase, and your shipping location.
Important notice about your order
This email provides important information about a recent order, such as: difficulty in processing your order, inability to ship to the address provided, duplicate order, or cancellation of order.


The easiest and fastest way to get the most current information regarding an open order is by checking your email address. Once your order has been received we will send you an email with your order number and information on the status of your order. After you order has been processed we will hand it to the Swiss Post. Finally, we will email your consignment number for you to track it online. Note: Order information may not appear on for up to 1 hour after the order has been submitted.

Understanding the status of my order

At our warehouse, tracking numbers are assigned to packages immediately after an order has been shipped.

How is order status different from tracking information?

The status of your order is provided by This shows the progress of your order between the time it is placed and the time it ships from our warehouse. Once your order leaves our warehouse, it is in the hands of a courier (Swiss Post), which will provide you with tracking information until your order is delivered.

The following chart will further explain details of your order status.

Standard status messages:

Submitted and processing

Your order has been submitted and the information you entered during checkout is being processed.

Item(s) located in stock

The items that you selected and submitted within your order during checkout are available and have been located in our warehouse.

Shipped on: 00/00/0000

The items have shipped from our warehouse and are on their way to the shipping destination indicated by you during checkout.


One or more items in your order are currently unavailable for shipment. You will be notified via email when the item(s) become(s) available and ships from our warehouse.

Return received on: 00/00/0000

If you returned an item to our warehouse, this status lets you know that we have received the item.

Credit issued on: 00/00/0000

After your returned item is processed and your original order information is located, your credit will be issued. You can expect to receive credit for a returned item within 30 days of when we receive it at the warehouse.

Temporarily suspended

If you receive this status message it does not mean your order has been cancelled. This email is potentially due to missing or invalid order or payment information; your order is suspended awaiting verification from you. If you receive this status message, please email us at for assistance.

Special order:
awaiting inventory

Items may be backordered for a variety of reasons, including late arriving inventory, manufacturer restrictions on the item’s release date, and customization in progress. You will be notified via email when the item(s) become(s) available and ships from our warehouse.

Cancelled on 00/00/0000 due to missing or invalid order information

If an error occurs during the order authorization process it first goes into suspension while we attempt to reach you for verification. If we do not receive the necessary information from you in due time, your order will be cancelled. Once an order is cancelled it cannot be processed and must be placed again on our website in order to proceed.

Cancelled on 00/00/0000 due to missing or invalid payment information

Due to missing or invalid information, your order was cancelled. Once an order is cancelled, it cannot be reprocessed and must be placed again on our website.


Orders placed on are delivered by the Swiss Post. Delivery time of your order may vary depending on the shipping method you select during checkout.

Once your order is in the hands of the Swiss Post, we will send you a "Shipment Confirmation" email. This email explains that your order has been dispatched and includes the corresponding consignment number.

When you click on "Track My Order," you will be prompted to go to the Swiss Post website. There you can enter your consignment number in the appropriate box. A page will provide you with detailed information about your current order.


An order can be cancelled due to the following factors:

  •  Item(s) not available
  •  Difficulty in processing your payment information
  •  Inability to ship to address provided
  •  Duplicate order was placed

If your order is cancelled, you will receive a notification email explaining the reason(s) of your order cancellation. You will not be billed for any cancelled items. Once an order is cancelled, it cannot be reprocessed and must be resubmitted again on our website.

Cancelling an order after it has been submitted

After you click "PLACE ORDER," you cannot cancel or change your order. If you do not wish to keep the item(s), wait until the order arrives to your home, and then simply return it by following our return instructions. 

Note: You may cancel an order if you receive an email notifying you that one or more items in your order are on backorder. You may only cancel the backordered items.

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